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ATEX / General Anti-Static Castors

Individual manufacturers of castors do not offer a wide range of castors that can assist as part of an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) programme.

Traditionally only the requirements for use in hospitals, where volume quantity could be identified, have been available. By the nature of the equipment these castors are small diameter and low load rating.

Solving new requirements in pharmaceutical applications subject to ATEX has been problematic.

Using our knowledge and relationships with the major European castor manufacturers, effortec has now identified a very wide range of castors that provide a construction that is anti-static, ESD and conductive.

This section of our site will expand over time to cover a wide selection of the range of anti-static castors available. At present, the site features only the MANNER range:

However, the known range of anti-static castor assemblies includes:

  • castors to 200mm wheel diameter
  • castors rated to 700kg per castor
  • castor housings: zinc plated steel; stainless steel AISI 304; non-corroding reinforced polyamide
  • castors with top plate fitting; single bolt hole fitting; threaded stem fitting; other special fittings
    to suit individual applications.

We will review any requirement to comment on the possibility of supplying a suitable castor assembly from readily available components. To discuss this option, please get in touch.

It must be noted that the castors are not available with CE or ATEX approval documentation. Supply is made with our Certificate of Conformity that the castor construction is conductive, normally with resistivity of less than 10,000 Ohms.

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