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Anti-Static Non-Metal Housing Castors

The Tango series castor is available as a conductive castor. Tango is a state-of-the art furniture castor manufactured using fibre-glass strengthened polyamide. The castors can have:

Conductive castors are suitable for many applications, including:

  • electronics industry equipment
  • explosives industry equipment
  • hospital equipment

Conductive castors are suitable for use in ESD-protected areas or for transporting equipment sensitive to static electricity.

Tango castors offer smooth, quiet, non-marking operation. They make equipment very easy to move because precision ball bearings at the swivel head and wheel hub provide the lowest rolling resistance. They also have an easy-action, reliable brake system.

Tango castors are suitable for use in wet environments because their metal bearings are sealed in non-corroding housing.

Tango castors are easy to clean and have a long, maintenance-free lifespan.

If you would like advice on the castor that meets your needs, please get in touch.

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